Staveley Far East Engineering Limited (SFEEL) was established in 1983 by a well-known publicly listed company in England, Staveley Industries plc, which commenced business in 1863.

Since our formation, SFEEL has assisted Staveley subsidiaries to expand their market base to cover the Far East region. Products include electronic weighing equipment, non-destructive test equipment and electrical & mechanical (E & M) services. E & M services involve power station engineering, building services and tunneling projects. SFEEL became a 100% locally-owned concern in 1990.


SFEEL’s main scope of business is to provide marketing consultancy services and to represent western manufacturers and engineering companies in the Far East region. We also develop new enterprises focusing on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) with special emphasis in relation to energy projects, technology transfer, and the establishment of joint ventures.

With our aggressive marketing program, over the past decades SFEEL has assisted many companies other than those within the Staveley Groups to penetrate into PRC markets. These companies include Pirelli Cable Group, Schlumberger Industries, GEC Alsthom T&D Group, Weir Pumps plc, and Cockerill Mechanical Industries S.A. etc.

Our successful record has seen SFEEL supplying a wide range of cables across the energy industry from submarine, power, telecommunications to nuclear sectors.

Our client base includes industrial, railway, government, power plant, building services, utilities, and telecommunications sectors. In addition, our product range also includes cable containment and its related accessories with major users from data centers and intelligent building designers.

Towards the mid 90’s, SFEEL diversified its business scope to include the metallurgical industry. We have taken a major role in serving as a marketing consultant to Cockerill Mechanical Industries S.A. in the transfer of galvanizing technology for the metallurgical industry in the PRC, including automotive product development.

For over 30 years, SFEEL has played a role in professional marketing consultancy in Hong Kong and the PRC with its specialized fields in power and metallurgical industries.


SFEEL’s core business is to render consultancy services to western companies and market their products in the PRC, Hong Kong and throughout Asia. Our major role is to bridge the gap between East and West.